TATE CNC Paint Roller Brush Handle Bending Machine: Revolutionizing Precision and Efficiency

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Introduction to the Machine:

TATE CNC roller brush handle bending machines represent a leap in precision and efficiency. The machine is operated by PLC and 7-inch touch screen, each roller brush holder does not require a mold, it is fully automated production, you only need to input the program into the machine. It also comes with the integration of a fully automatic plastic handle unit further enhancing its functionality, providing independence and seamless connectivity.

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Production Video:

Explore the machine in action through our production video, showcasing its advanced features, precision bending, and seamless operation, setting new standards in the industry.

Machine Models and Parameters:

ModelFunctionWire Size
Feeding Length
Production CapacityMotor Power
Dimensions (LxWxH)
TT-PR-8SBeding+Chamfering3.0-8.00-50025 pcs/min5.5230*127*1921300
3.0-8.00-50018 pcs/min5.5230*127*1921350
TT-PR-8MUOverdue Long Type (Multifunction)3.0-8.00-90018 pcs/min5.5245*127*1951400
TT-PR-4Pin Punching1.5-4.00-50040 pcs/min5.5180*120*1781100
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TATE offers a range of models, each tailored for diverse needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. With fully customizable parameters, this machine adapts seamlessly to various production requirements.

Machine Advantages:

  1. Smaller Error, Higher Efficiency: The full servo motor significantly reduces errors, enhancing bending efficiency. Comparative data demonstrates its superiority over hydraulic press alternatives.
  2. Simplified CNC Operation: CNC operation is user-friendly, surpassing the learning curve of similar PLC products. Users, even with basic education, can edit simple programs independently within half an hour.
  3. Zero Hydraulic Failure: Utilizing all servo motors eliminates hydraulic failure, reducing downtime and maintenance. This results in a lower failure rate, easier maintenance, and eradicates pollution caused by oil leakage.
Paint Roller Brush Handle CNC Bending Making Machine-4

Machine Features:

  1. Precision with Data-Driven Results: The machine’s precision is evident in data-driven results, showcasing its accuracy and reliability in every bend.
  2. Efficient Learning Curve: The user-friendly CNC operation ensures a shorter learning curve, allowing operators to adapt quickly and efficiently.
  3. Hydraulic Failure Prevention: With the absence of hydraulic components, the machine prevents hydraulic failures, ensuring uninterrupted production and operational convenience.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: By eliminating oil pollution, the machine contributes to a cleaner working environment, addressing ecological concerns associated with hydraulic systems.

Machine Applications:

The TATE CNC Paint Roller Brush Handle Bending Machine finds applications across various industries, from paint roller production to customized brush handle manufacturing. Its adaptability makes it a versatile solution for diverse production needs.

Customer Testimonials:

Customers using the TATE CNC Paint Roller Brush Handle Bending Machine have expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback. They praise its precision, ease of operation, and the significant reduction in errors compared to hydraulic press alternatives. The machine’s reliability has led to increased production efficiency and overall satisfaction.

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For those seeking precision, efficiency, and a seamless bending experience, the TATE CNC Paint Roller Brush Handle Bending Machine is the ideal solution. Contact us today to explore how this innovative machine can elevate your production capabilities and streamline your operations.

TATE Paint Roller Frame Forming Machine specializes in expertly crafting paint roller handle frames. This versatile machine seamlessly performs not only lip stamping but also fully automated threading and end chamfering. In the automatic type, you have the option of a manual plastic cover dressing device or a combined in-line version. Additionally, a pin-making machine is available upon request to further enhance the machine’s capabilities.