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TATE GROUP is a leading company dedicated to the research and production of automation bending and forming machines. We are committed to providing efficient and precise solutions, covering a wide range of 2D/3D wire processing needs, including Roller Brush CNC Bending Machine, Automatic Bucket Hook Forming Machine, Automobile Parts Forming Machine, Hanger Making Machine, and more.

Why Choose TATE GROUP?
  1. Professional R&D Team: We have an experienced and creative research and development team dedicated to advancing industry technology. Our machines reflect state-of-the-art automation bending and forming technology.
  2. Comprehensive Solutions: TATE GROUP provides comprehensive automation solutions for both 2D and 3D wire processing. From Roller Brush production to automobile parts forming, our product range spans multiple industries, meeting diverse customer needs.
  3. Reliable Quality: We prioritize quality. Each machine undergoes rigorous quality control and testing to ensure stable and reliable performance, providing customers with an outstanding experience.
  4. Professional Service: Our team values the customer experience. Whether you are looking for customized solutions or have any questions, we are ready to provide professional assistance. Your satisfaction is our utmost pursuit.
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If you are seeking professional and reliable automation solutions, TATE GROUP is your ideal choice. Contact us now to embark on the future of automation. We look forward to establishing a close partnership with you and bringing more success to your business.

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